Legend becomes HFC: same great product, same unrivalled quality, new brand name. HFC: clearly labelled recipes for happier cats!

At Almo Nature, we respect a pet’s specific nature: our HFC recipes are prepared by carefully selecting the best quality ingredients as you would if sourcing the ingredients and preparing their meals at home.

Our recipes do not contain any meat meal, just HFC fresh meat or fish: and these fresh ingredients – before becoming food for our pets – were originally intended for human consumption.

Feeding cats or dogs HFC recipes doesn’t humanise them but respects their natural, biological evolution as carnivore species and increases the chance of them living happier, longer lives.

Benefits of an HFC Fresh meat/fish diet
Why HFC fresh meat or fish is so important for your cat:
Respects a cat’s carnivorous nature

Cats are strict carnivores and require significantly more proteins than dogs since proteins are fundamental to many of a cat’s biological and metabolic functions.

Contains ready to use high quality proteins

100% HFC fresh meat or fish is the best source of high quality proteins: no vegetable protein (derived from corn, potatoes, etc.) can guarantee the same essential amino acids.

Avoids adverse food reactions

Feeding your cat with the best HFC fresh meat or fish can help protect against adverse food reactions, improving their general health.

A natural source of taurine

HFC fresh meat or fish is a natural source of essential amino acids such as taurine, which is essential for a cat’s cardiac (heart), brain and nervous system functions.

Health & beauty

HFC ingredients guarantee optimal nutrition and health to all cats: toned muscles, a lean feline physique, bright eyes, healthy gums and a plush, shiny coat.

Ancestral taste

Cats are natural born predators: we still see them hunting at home. Real meat or fish is the best choice to make our ‘predator cats’ happy.

HFC cat recipes

Almo Nature wet recipes satisfy even the pickiest cat thanks to a selection of mouth-watering HFC ingredients.

The HFC product line comprises around 100 different recipes in various compositions (jelly, wet, broth etc.) to satisfy every cat’s needs.

Our Legendary Quality becomes HFC: The quality, the origin of the ingredients and the name of the product become one!

A brand new line available in 70g tins
Legendary HFC Quality in 70g tins
140g tins ideal for hungry cats
280g tins perfect for multiple cat households

Alternative is the only dry food for cats that does not contain any meat meal, just 100% HFC fresh meat or fish originally fit for human consumption.

Only Alternative allows you to feed your cat a 100% HFC diet.

Almo Nature uses the term “HFC” to describe all ingredients originally fit for human consumption, as described by EU Regulations.

HFC: Human Food Chain

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