Almo Nature

Founded in 2000 thanks to the experience and intuition of Pier Giovanni Capellino, an entrepreneur who had been working in the field for some time. Almo Nature was the first company in the world to introduce to the market cat and dog foods, made entirely from pure ingredients, no additives, or what in common parlance is known as a natural product, trans-positioning human food into pet food (pet food made with quality ingredients fit for human consumption).

After establishing a new paradigm and standard, continued research is now aimed at further improvement to develop a product of even higher quality, in order to always and only offer the best, from the animals’ point of view. In 2015, even before launching kibble for cats and dogs without meat or fish meal, where 100g of kibble require 170g of fresh meat or fish (originating from sources deemed suitable for human consumption).

Almo Nature foods are made for animals, with their perspective and their well-being at its core.


Food for dogs and cats made from their perspective.


“Almore” is the way Almo Nature chooses to communicate, and they do it through concrete solidarity projects and the use of art to communicate their ethical values and the quality of their products.


Who are we?

«Who are we? We are now a company made of many people who love animals. It all started from living with my cat Shabbat, my dog Shang, my cat Chocolat, my dog “dottor Salento” and my dog Yanga. I owe it to them that I can look at things “from their point of view”, which may seem obvious, but it’s not.

Especially dottor Salento, who is always at work, always with his owner, is the one who inspired the philosophy first, and the products then, with his attitude and gestures. He is the mind, and I give voice to his ideas».

Pier Giovanni Capellino

The Group

Almo Nature is currently present with a subsidiary in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Benelux, Canada and the United States and in other 38 countries through exclusive distributors.

Almo Nature S.p.A.
Almo Nature S.p.A.
  • Almo Nature Swiss GmbH
    Almo Nature Swiss GmbH
  • Almo Nature UK Ltd
    Almo Nature UK Ltd
  • Almo Nature France Sarl
    Almo Nature France Sarl
  • Almo Nature Deutschland GmbH
    Almo Nature Deutschland GmbH
  • Almo Nature Netherlands BV
    Almo Nature Netherlands BV
  • Almo Nature Canada Inc
    Almo Nature Canada Inc
  • Almo Nature USA Inc
    Almo Nature USA Inc

Almo Nature is equipped with a Corporate Governance based on the tier system: administration is entrusted to the Board of Directors and management control is entrusted to a Management Control Committee, elected within the Board of Directors.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board: Pier Giovanni Capellino

Councilors: Lorenzo Capellino, Siva Prasad Reddy

President of the Management Control Committee: Carla Bellieni

Member of the Management Control Committee: Maurizio Astuni

Financial Audits are entrusted to PricewaterhouseCoopers SpA.

Almo Nature Governance
Almo Nature Organization ChartAlmo Nature Organization Chart

Procurement: Cinzia Bolleri

Finance Director: Andrea De Asmundis

Budget & Group Controller: Giorgio Raffetto

IT: Siva Prasad Reddy

EU Commercial Director: interim

EU Communication & Marketing Director: Marco Durazzi

Brief Data

In 2016 it achieved a consolidated turnover of 71 million euro (48% Abroad). The estimated turnover for 2017 is 75 million Euros.

Almo Nature Data

The safeguarding of the environment and the reduction of dangerous emission are goals pursued at global level. The European Union has decided to achieve a 20% greenhouse gas reduction by 2020, with France, Germany and the UK which have set a 30% reduction goal. Almo Nature has decided to follow this trend and reduce its CO2 emissions, while improving its energy efficiency.

The first step towards this goal will be the full replacement of our packaging with more sustainable materials: a 100% recyclable flexible packaging, with elimination of the usual aluminium layer laminated with plastic polymers.

Almo Nature will move towards a systemic approach in its production. It will look at: the origin of the materials it uses, to reduce the environmental impact of transport, the emitted substances when short-sighted incineration is chosen over virtuous recycling, the energy needed for production and waste disposal.

Almo Nature chooses technological innovation to tackle environmental issues, thus becoming one of the first companies in the pet food industry to actively work for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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